Ready to create 3 additional income streams by creating LESS content?

What do Gary Vee, Marie Forleo, Lewis Howes, and Lisa Bilyeu all have in common?

A signature show  that positions them not as content creators but global thought leaders.

Please check all the boxes
where your answer is YES!

You want to create more income streams but you don’t want to market a new offer

You’ve been consistenly posting on Instagram and/or Tiktok for months and are still waiting to “blow up” and for all people in your industry to know you

You’re tired of feeling like a part-time content creator instead of the CEO, industry-disrupter, world-changer

Plus you’ve always secretly wanted your own “Team GaryVee” to grow your personal brand for you while you actually focus on growing your company.


Your Signature Show

Here's How We Work:

Research and Development

We do thorough market research to conceptualize your unique brand POV, and craft searchable topics for your episodes.


From start to finish, we write, record, edit and produce your show with music and branding.


We publish on all major platforms with SEO-optimized descriptions, schedule and publish both an email an social media promotional calendar

Your Signature Show Package Includes:


*or 3 monthly payments of $3000

A Signature Show Treatment

a document that presents the story idea of your show before writing the entire script

12 Episode Scripts

researched and developed with segment outlines and monetization strategies

Signature Show Branding

includes show colors, fonts, show title art

and a one-page website

Done-With-You Recording Sessions

Get live feedbak as you record so you can deliver your message clearly and powerfully

12-Episode Season Produced

with music, branded intro/outros

2 Week Launch Marketing Campaign

includes a 4-appearance PR tour, plus email and social media content

12-Week Episode Promotion

email and social media content that includes video clips, transcriptions and graphics